Free Read A Shepherd's Life - by William Henry Hudson

  • Title: A Shepherd's Life
  • Author: William Henry Hudson
  • ISBN: 9788132054122
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback

  • Free Read A Shepherd's Life - by William Henry Hudson - A Shepherd's Life, A Shepherd s Life William Henry Hudson lived form to He was an author naturalist and ornithologist Hudson s parents settled in Argentina where Hudson spent his youth studying the flora and fauna of the area
    William Henry Hudson
    William Henry Hudson was an author, naturalist and ornithologist He was born in the Partido de Quilmes in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, where he is considered to belong to the national literature as Guillermo Enrique Hudson, the Spanish version of his name He spent his youth studying the local flora and fauna and observing both natural and human dramas on what was then a lawless frontier, publishing his ornithological work in Proceedings of the Royal Zoological Society, initially in an English mingled with Spanish idioms He settled in England during 1869 He produced a series of ornithological studies, including Argentine Ornithology 1888 1899 and British Birds 1895 , and later achieved fame with his books on the English countryside, including Hampshire Days 1903 , Afoot in England 1909 and A Shepherd s Life 1910 His best known novel is Green Mansions 1904 , and his best known non fiction is Far Away and Long Ago 1918 His other works include The Purple Land That England Lost 1885 , A Crystal Age 1887 , The Naturalist in La Plata 1892 , A Little Boy Lost 1905 , Birds in Town and Village 1919 , Dead Man s Plack and an Old Thorn 1920 , and A Traveller in Little Things 1921.


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    I was drawn into reading this book by a favourable reference in James Rebank s The Shepherd s Life Rebanks s wrote that reading Hudson s A Shepherd s Life by the sudden life changing realization it gave me that we could be in books great books , it turned me into a book obsessive.It is an odd sort of book, but it has its charms The title is slightly misleading Hudson uses the connecting thread of the reminiscences an old shepherd he met on the Wiltshire downs, probably during the 1890s, to descr [...]

    A look into an old way of life The first 2 chapters were awful long, loving descriptions of countryside for the benefit of the author than the reader , and the rest was wonderful Story after story about specific shepherds, sheepdogs, cats, birds and wildlife, gamekeepers and poaching,and, wouldn t you know it, gypsies is this the new theme I m going to repeatedly come across in my reading last year it was Victoria s Jubilee It seems that every generation has an individual who sees what is passi [...]

    Robert Muir
    A little too pastoral, rustic, bucolic or all three for me.

    Carleton Raisbeck
    Oh man This book I found this book just after I started taking the Bible seriously I saw it on the bookshelf of a care home while my mother worked a night shift Having never heard of the author before I really didn t know what I was in for I was only drawn to the book because of the word Shepherd in the title, and having recently learned about Jesus being the good shepherd and laying his life down for his flock, I wanted to see if this book could tell me anything about anybody who took the narro [...]

    Ernest Marlin
    A very interesting book.

    • Free Read A Shepherd's Life - by William Henry Hudson
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    A Shepherd's Life