[PDF] Blue Chicken | by ↠ Deborah Freedman

  • Title: Blue Chicken
  • Author: Deborah Freedman
  • ISBN: 9780670012930
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Blue Chicken | by ↠ Deborah Freedman - Blue Chicken, Blue Chicken In this deceptively simple picture book author illustrator Deborah Freedman has created an irresistible character that springs to life and wreaks havoc in a farmyard with a pot of blue paint The inno
    Deborah Freedman
    Once upon a time, I was an architect But now I d much rather build worlds in books picture books like Scribble, Blue Chicken, The Story of Fish Snail, and By Mouse Frog My most recent books are Shy and This House, Once.I love reading books I hate rating them Let s just say that if I didn t like a book, it isn t here at all.Website deborahfreedmanTwitter DeborahFreedmanFacebook Deborah Freedman, Author Illustrator Instagram FreedmanIllustrates


    Blue Chicken is certainly an adorable and fun book visually The Blue Chicken is especially endearing and it s so captivating when everything turns blue I m not sure the story itself really won me over It started out so cute, but all those disgruntled farm animals just getting mad about everything seemed to put a damper on things and I guess I wanted an outcome imaginative and unusual than everything going back to the way it was though I suppose there s something to be said for the Blue Chicken [...]

    Call it barnyard self actualization Too heavy an idea for a picture book Fine How about breaking down the barn s fourth wall Or nine barnyard characters in search of an illustrator However you want to couch it, I think we can probably state for the record that by this point any picture book that shows drawn characters taking on a life of their own is fairly par for the course It s not a particularly new or shocking idea Mischievous chickens are also par for the course No one can be all THAT surp [...]

    Blue Chicken by Deborah Freedman is a very clever take on how a picture can tell a story The misadventure and fun splashes across the pages when a chicken spills a jar of blue paint changing her world to blue Can she undo the blue Ms Freedman uses words sparingly, but oh so admiringly Each word and phrase colors the story with energy, playfulness, and intelligence My favorites were peevish, toppled, and sincerely Words that felt wonderful rolling around on my tongue A creative tale about bringin [...]

    This vibrant picture book plays with color and perspective as well as characters who leave the flat page and enter the real world The picture is almost finished when one of the chickens in the picture pops her head out She then stands up and walks over to the paint pots that are waiting to finish the picture When the chicken peeks into the blue paint, she accidentally tips it over and ends up painting herself She is joined by a little duckling and then who splash around in the new blue puddle, [...]

    For me, the illustrations are everything for this book I love them They are adorable, clever, talented, humorous, and detailed enough to keep a child toddler and up quite entertained in a lap read or read alone In a storytime probably for preschool age , if the kids can see you could have them tell you what they observe in the pictures Very fun story, and I love it when there is much than what is being said.10 17 12 I really wanted to try this in a storytime, just to see But I don t think I did [...]

    Blue Chicken is a fantastically fun read aloud that is sure to give children the belly giggles watching all the colorful mayhem unfold One of the chickens residing in the newly drawn farm wishes to help continue the illustrator s work by painting the barn a beautiful blue Sadly his good intentions cause nothing but chaos and the animals are furious at the mess chicken has made Thankfully chicken is able to find a way to undo the ocean of blue and set things right Deborah Freedman love of color a [...]

    I recently read The Story of Fish and Snail by Deborah Freedman and a friend suggested I try Blue Chicken also by Freedman Like Fish and Snail, this is an adorable, funny and unique picture book Freedman manages to write and illustrate picture books for kids that stand out in a market that is packed with choices.I highly recommend both The Story of Fish and Snail and Blue Chicken I ve also read and loved By Mouse and Frog by Freedman and plan on keeping my eyes peeled for other books by this inc [...]

    Adorable pictures short, cute story about a baby chick who spills blue paint all over a painting of the farm What I wrote for Children s Books in the Picture Book Club For me, those adorable paintings overcame any deficiencies the story might have, although I thought the story was pretty funny I loved the little red paint covered ducklings on the back inside cover gazing out at the newly painted barn.

    Adrienne Furness
    A moo wakes the chickens They re peevish and blue They dump the red wheelbarrow, dropping that chicken who just wanted to HELP But the chicken is sorry Sincerely sorry Maybe the chicken can undo the blue There is a red wheelbarrow beside the white chickens I love just about every single little thing about this book.

    This book was gorgeous I loved the use of color and how the story integrated the artwork, rather than just being supplemented by it I thought it was adorable and fun, and while this one didn t really have a message or anything other than water is the great Undo with watercolors , it was still a book I very much enjoyed.

    Mary Ann
    Still smiling about this one so much joy, mischievousness without any ill will, silly chicken trying to solve the problems she created, and beautiful beautiful artwork Loved the movement, the splashes, the gradations of color Smiles all around.

    Deborah tricked me and I love to laugh.

    Blue Chicken by Deborah Freedman is somewhat surreal adventure of a chicken in a picture that wreaks havoc with a pot of blue paint.Within a picture, a chicken just wants to help within the farmyard scene, but the she tries, the worse, and bluer everything gets The chicken and a duckling tip something turpentine that clears away the blue paint Finally things seem to be under control, until the last page is turned.The text is minimal, allowing readers to focus on the action.Blue Chicken plays wi [...]

    Adorable merging of print and real life The story begins as a picture of a barn scene is begin painted by an unseen artist The brown chicken coop is complete along with the chicks and chickens The artist is going to work on the barn now One curious chicken eyeballs the blue paint, hops off the painting and decides to help paint the picture She ends up spilling the blue paint all over the pages and everything becomes a blue watercolored mess Goodness that little chicken has caused havic and is so [...]

    This is a charming little book I think this should have been the 2012 Caldecott Winner, or at least an honor book It is the story of an unfinished farm picture, which includes a cow,a cat, ducks and of course chickens It is time to finish the picture and a little chicken wants to help So, she crawls out of the drawing and to the blue paint but instead of helping she tips over the paint and spills it Now everything is blue How can she undo the blue Then she has an idea, the water cup Now the blue [...]

    In this clever book that combines the idea of mischievious chickens with critters that leave the illustration and make their mark on it as their story is told, an artist leaves her almost finished painting to do a different kind of painting Think David Wiesner and The Three Pigs What a surprise the artist might have been in for had she returned in the middle of the little chicken s artistic experimentation The curious chicken spills blue ink that spreads all over the place Once blue has saturate [...]

    Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    This is such a delightfully, fun, creative read I love the way Deborah brings her story to life through her paintings By creating a story that is centered on a painting and then bringing that painting to life within the story is both clever and engaging It s also unique, as there aren t many children s books I ve read that have done this Blue Chicken is a story who s illustrations tell most of the story When a curiously little chicken decides to scamper out of the drawing and over to the jar of [...]

    I saw an image from this book and that was enough to make me want to buy it I am so not disappointed This book combines farm animals AND art Brilliant The artwork in this book propels the story, but the text is still delightful and simple enough for the youngest of listeners and the youngest of readers My son as been known to capsize his paints and color than he intended, so this story is very relatable for him.Of course, the illustrations are wonderful As much as I love the helpful, clumsy blu [...]

    Brittany Newton
    This book is absolutely adorable The illustrations bring the book to life with the use of minimal text It s about a little chicken that just wants to help paint, but instead, just makes a bigger mess This story is about painting and it brings the paintings to life within the story The illustrations are what make the book excellent for kids of all ages It is a funny, engaging, and lively book to read in the classroom This is a great book with minimal text so it allows the children to focus on the [...]

    Summary In this book chicken just wants to help But when he tries to help he spills the blue paint and turns EVERYTHING blue He s sad and no one is impressed But chicken cleans up his mess and gets everything back to normal by the end.Audience K 2Appeal Short and sweet way to talk to kids about helping, making mistakes and cleaning up after themselves.Implementation If we were going to be doing a craft in class this would be a cute way to talk to the kids about being careful with the supplies an [...]

    Hannah Banowsky
    The illustrations are beautiful and I love it This book is about a little chicken who goes out of his painting and tips over the blue painting, causing every one in the story to turn blue He the scrambles to undo what he did I loved the story line and the plot was very cute and creative I adored this book This book made me laugh and was just a fun book to read I would definitely have this book in my classroom It would be a fun way to lighten up the classroom and have a little fun I would have th [...]

    Well if ever there was a book Yes it s all about me isn t it I love a book that mixes color and perspective One that colors outside the lines When a character walks out of the picture you KNOW its going to be a great dayhijinks insue A pot of blue paint gets toppled by a well intentioned chicken, cows turn blue, other chickens go on the rampage, and ducks get quackin the chicken heads for the water jar to try and wash it away The blue stays in the sky, but there is a surprise on the back inside [...]

    I m fascinated with the way Deborah Freedman makes flat, 2 D characters seem to become 3 D in this book, even though they remain solidly 2 D Love that chicken peeping up from her coop in the beginning Not to mention they re just adorable anyway, but all the splashes of blue are strategically placed on the chicken, making it even cuter Our PreK kiddos learn about one basic color a week at the beginning of the school year I always include one of my favorites, Nancy Tafuri s Blue Goose, and now thi [...]

    A selection for the Mock Caldecott for my local library system I absolutely love the imagination in this book It is an adorable tale about a painting of a farm that includes a barn, chickens, ducks, a cow and a cat One of the chickens decides to help by painting the barn blue, but things get out of hand and soon everything is covered in blue Will she be able to get out of this mess To find out, give this book a chance Recommended for ages 5 months , 5 stars.

    Stephanie Croaning
    This is the second Deborah Freedman book where the characters in the illustrations come to life and create the story by interacting with the physical page A helpful chicken spills the blue paint and the other farm animals splash around until everything is blue The splashes appear to come off the page and make you feel part of the story too I also love how the author begins telling the story on the inside cover and carries it on until the very last page.

    I haven t seen Inception but I suspect this book is like Inception as a picture book, only with art, not dreams Beautiful water colors Fun, whacky story The chicken was only trying to HELP Might help children begin to identify colors, especially can you guess blue I wouldn t be surprised if this came away with a Caldecott honor, although I think it s a bit of a dark horse.

    Melanie Richmond
    This was my potential Caldecott book.This was an absolutely fantastic book This cute little chicken is just trying to be helpful, but ends up causing a lot of problems with a can of blue paint There isn t a huge amount of text, but the illustrations than make up for it The illustrations are very vivid and eye catching, and children as well as adults are sure to enjoy them It s a fun storyline, that children of all ages will enjoy I would definitely read this in my class.

    Words can t even describe how much I LOVED and I mean LOVED this book I think overall basically that it s amazing and fantastic book I really liked and was fascinated by the pictures and how they looked almost in a 3D way I really liked how the author made the story different in a really neat way The illustrations and use of colors were wonderful The story really grabs your attention as you turn through the pages I would definitely suggest this book as a must for young children to read.

    Great illustrations, from the front end paper to the back I think this one even could have been wordless, as each picture perfectly relates what s happening though the writing is good, too Charlotte was completely entranced with the pictures I almost spent time watching her face light up with each turn of the page than I did the book We got this from the library, but I will soon be purchasing our own copy.

    Art and reality blur in this imaginative picture book A picture is almost finished a barnyard scene, with a chicken who is eager to help, for it is a perfect day for painting the barn But the chicken spills a pot of blue paint, which spreads across the barnyard to the dismay of the other animals When all is at it s bluest, the chicken manages to set things right with water The results are a little surprising and very satisfying Lots of fun

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