[PDF] Wicked Games | by ☆ Jessica Clare

  • Title: Wicked Games
  • Author: Jessica Clare
  • ISBN: 2940012237422
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Nook

  • [PDF] Wicked Games | by ☆ Jessica Clare - Wicked Games, Wicked Games Abby Lewis never pictured herself on the survival game show Endurance Island She s just not the survival type But when her boss offers her a spot on the show and the opportunity of a lifetime she pa
    Jessica Clare
    This is a pen name for Jill Myles.Jill Myles has been an incurable romantic since childhood She reads all the naughty parts of books first, looks for a dirty joke in just about everything, and thinks to this day that the Little House on the Prairie books should have been steamier.After devouring hundreds of paperback romances, mythology books, and archaeological tomes, she decided to write a few books of her own stories with a wild adventure, sharp banter, and lots of super sexy situations She prefers her heroes alpha and half dressed, her heroines witty, and she loves nothing than watching them overcome adversity to fall into bed together.

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    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    FREE on US today 3 22 2015 BLURB Abby Lewis never pictured herself on the survival game show, Endurance Island She s just not the survival type But when her boss offers her a spot on the show and the opportunity of a lifetime, she packs her bags and heads to the tropics to be a contestant Once in the game, though, it s clear that Abby s in over her head.No one s competitive than sexy, delicious and arrogant Dean Woodall Sure, he s clever, strong, good at challenges, and has a body that makes he [...]

    A short read, won t give you a time to take a breather and I loved it for that factor.I d be lying my A out if I say that Dean didn t affected me the way he does Abby Dean WoodallHandsome, Attractive, Tall, High Cheekbones, Sexiest Cocky Grin ,Muscular, Tanned with dark hair, Pale eyes, Swimmer, Olympic Gold Medalist image error AbigailCute, Brunette, Reasonably Attractive, Happens to have one hell ya Smart Mouth, In Short Dean explained her personality pretty much in just one simple line Abby i [...]

    Thank you so much, Sarah, for recommending this to me This book was an absolute winner.Fun, sexy and romantic, with a delicious alpha hero and a strong, funny heroine I loved the survival aspects as much as I did the romance, the banter and the Reality TV show elements.This is a quick and entertaining read that managed to pull me out of yet another epic book funk.

    Cute FunnySurvivor Show Parody Hero Athletic Heroine Writer Low AngstLow SteamLight Fast ReadPredictable

    Jenny Levine
    LOVED IT I kinda like read new books nowadays, but then I was looking for something interesting to read last night, and this book caught my attention Well, maybe the cover, because I had the old version where the cover was the same couple on Obsidian s.And so I read it, and I can t put it down Wow, it was such aFUNread It feels like I m watching survivor I love Abby and Dean Especially Abby cause she s feisty And I love it that somewhat, the readers also get to read Dean s POVs through his inter [...]

    Tilly Slaton
    HILARIOUS I picked up Wicked Games as of a joke book I needed something to fill some time and I really didn t care what it was.With that said, the first 35% of this book had me laughing so hard, that the people around me became annoyed Bully for them There will be several highlights from the book in this review All worthy, I assure you This is an erotica romance book that has plowed head first into a series of Survivor Now, I m not a big fan of that show I don t like politics I don t like manip [...]

    Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    I m a bit surprised with how much I liked this book, but from early on it sucked me in It s the book version of Survivor and as with reality TV programs, they work better if there s a bit of love lust thrown into the mix The love hate relationship Abby and Dean started with was a little over the top to start with but so funny I liked her right from the start she didn t care what anyone else thought of her, she just went for it and the pair of them worked really well together Add into that all th [...]

    Jane Stewart
    Definitely good for romance.I enjoyed the initial don t like each other parts And I really liked seeing them together Yes this has the formulaic big misunderstanding separation But that was ok It s hard for authors to come up with ways to separate the couple This story was different in that they were on a game show and at times the producers of the show would not let people talk to each other.I m not a fan of first person books, but this one was good It was told from Abby s point of view But at [...]

    Pretty good book for a freebie Might try from this author

    Never having enjoyed Survivor type reality TV, I was surprised to find that I really liked this little story about two rival and antagonistic contestants paired up on Survivor Endurance Island The book is written from heroine Abby s POV, although we are treated to brief glimpses of Dean s perspective from his personal diary at the beginning of most chapters.While stranded in the Cook Islands, all contestants are boy girl partnered initially and Dean and Abby after a rocky first encounter get stu [...]

    Penny Watson
    This must be confession week First, I readily admit to hating weddings Second, I confess that I have never, ever, in all of my days, watched Survivor It seems dumb, dorky, and totally contrived I bought Wicked Games on a Twitter recommendation, and when I realized it was a Survivor type contemporary romance, got pissed off Well a moment of boredom, I decided to give it a go And I loved it, in spite of its reality television based premise I am quickly becoming a Jill Myles fan This was a fun, qui [...]

    Lyndy Ann ♫
    I really enjoyed this I liked the love hate relationship between Abby and Dean and it make s you wonder who should Abby trust or should it be trust no one.Abby and Dean are put together on a deserted island to work as a team HA let the game s begin If you have this on your kindle I would recommend you read it ENJOY

    Deserie williams
    3.5 stars te,sweet, funny story I enjoyed this I thought the ending was rushed alittle but I liked it still There were some parts I could of done without like h having given dozen of bjs to her bfs and H almost coming close to marriage but its just me being picky it really wasnt to bad I just dont want to hear it.lol other than that h and H were sexy and cute together safety gang safe

    Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer*
    Welcome to Endurance Island We are here in the famous Cook Islands, home to piracy and private, sandy beaches This will be your home for the next six weeks, provided you can withstand all the challenges that Endurance Island has in store for you So, I m going to make this short and sweet, lol This was a very unexpected read I grabbed it up as a freebie and one night needed something to read quick before my next buddy read started the next day It reads really fast but kept me hanging on every wor [...]

    It was short, funny and quick read I think, the book needs an extended ending or a epoilogue It finished abruptly.Overall, it is a light read if you have little time and need some funny book.

    3.5 starsConsidering this book is only 200 over pages and the blurb pretty much says it all, I m going to keep this short and simply This is quite a short, fun and sexy read about Abby, a book reviewer, who reluctantly joined the Survivor reality game show and got team up with Dean Woodall, the competitive golden boy, who wants to win at all cost Of course, things doesn t always appear as it seem They both started off on the wrong footing and unable to cooperate, but later on formed an understan [...]

    4.5 stars I liked this Liked it MUCH than expected A fun read, and an interesting tale about the intense competition seen in a reality TV show based on surviving on an island It s fairly erotic, but towards the end it gets poignant, too.

    ♡Karlyn P♡
    Contemporary romance set around a Survivor type game show Funny, sexy and clever I really enjoyed it.

    Light and fun read freebie

    3.5 StarsNARRATOR Stephanie RobinsonThis was an okay audiobook I mean I did not really love it, but I did not hate it I actually clicked BUY by accident and then thought forget it, I will just listen to it when I thought of contacting customer service to get a refund The story started out good, then was okay, but the last few chapters were really good I have read other books by Jessica Claire Jill Myles and liked them so I thought I would take a chance If you watch or have watched Survivor, this [...]

    at first i really hated the idea of the story reality tv in a damn book ugh i hate reality tv and didnt want that kind of trash in my book i want trash in the dirty way and not as in cheap and stupid way that make people hungry for money and fame.I was pleasantly surprised and so glad I decided to read on Abby and Dean had the perfect chemistry, on and off camera Dean was physically fit and Abby was the brainy one It started off really rocky Neither of them were happy about their partnership but [...]

    This was so much fun to read A light but still very captivating story that is extremely relevant to what is currently happening with reality tv It seemed like it was pulled straight from Survivor, or quite frankly any of the crazy shows that are so popular with the tv watching public, minus all the extremely annoying characters and pesky commercials I loved Abby I loved Dean I loved every minute of it A perfect beach read or great for those times when you are needing a break from dark or heavy s [...]

    Julia's Book Haven
    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book The storyline isn t something I ve read before and I was hesitant going in, but omg I had such a freaking good time reading it It is fast paced and keeps you on your toes the whole book And I absolutely loved Abby and Dean Fav book couple material for sure Can t wait to read the next one

    I love their story right from the beginning till the sweet ending No complicated conflicts, no whiny heroine, just really exciting romance some thrilling island adventure I really like how the story flows smoothly, couldn t ask for Simply uhmayzing

    3.5 4 starslight read if you know going in to not expect your mind to be blown, you ll enjoy it or maybe i just enjoyed reading it because it gave me a legitimate excuse to not study for my exam tomorrow.

    This was a cute story based on the Survivor show.

    Mandi Schreiner
    The game show Endurance Island think Survivor needs a boost in its second season ratings, and when a female contestant drops out before the competition starts, the executive producer calls upon Abby.Abby works for MediaWeek magazine, and her boss asks her to drop everything and join this crazy show so she can give an insider s take on what it is like to participate on Endurance Island If she does this, they will offer her a book deal in return for Abby s secrecy and some exclusive articles for t [...]

    Every so often DA or SBTB recommend a book that s currently free or cheap and I pick it up, whereupon it sits on my Kindle until I need some light reading Last night I needed light reading wasn t well, couldn t sleep so I read this It s kinda fun Romance on a Survivor type setting There was stuff I liked and stuff I didn t.Stuff I liked The main characters were pretty cool, and I liked them both There was quite a lot of plot in terms of the way the game played out and character development not j [...]

    OMG THIS BOOK WAS FANTASTIC How did I not find this book before And I actually pulled an all nighter for this book and I m so glad I did This book was fantastic because with this book you have an interesting plot which reminds you alittle of the Hunger Games, but trust me it s NOT a repeat this book has romance and booooyyyy was it sexy and steamy You just sworn and sigh, this book has some characters wow Now you know that when your in a competition for 2 million dollars, to always be observive [...]

    Romancing the Book
    Reviewed by EmmaRae I got sucked into this book waiting at the doctor s office then got mad when the nurse called my name I was fine when the nurse and doctor said be right back because I could read a few paragraphs Instead of studying, I came home and went right back to this book until it was over There s not much I can say about this little novella, just READ IT The Reality TV show thing has been done many times before This is the first time I ve enjoyed it The characters bait each other so w [...]

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