Life So Far: A Memoir Ô Betty Friedan

  • Title: Life So Far: A Memoir
  • Author: Betty Friedan
  • ISBN: 9780743200240
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback

  • Â Life So Far: A Memoir Ô Betty Friedan - Life So Far: A Memoir, Life So Far A Memoir In Life So Far Friedan takes us on an intimate journey throughout her own life from her lonely childhood to the founding of Now and her brilliant contentious and brave leadership of the movement
    Betty Friedan
    Betty Friedan was an American feminist, activist and writer, best known for starting what is commonly known as the Second Wave of feminism through the writing of her book The Feminine Mystique.


    Really interesting read Its always hard to see the humanity of one of your idols I was surprised by both Friedan s nonchalance regarding her husbands long term physical abuse and her admitted homophobia within the woman s movement she helped launch I enjoyed getting a front row seat from her perspective from some of the major moments in women s herstory I cried when I recognized the name Shirley Johnson, one of my econ prof s at Vassar, as a woman who shared a commune with Betty in the 70 s Fasc [...]

    Jennifer Exo
    I learned so much about the women s liberation movement, and greatly enjoyed Betty Friedan s writing style A great book to remind yourself how far women have come, and how far they have to go.

    This is a great book that reminds me there is still much work to be done.

    A fascinating account of the women s movement, from the woman who started it all It s amazing how much truly has changed in the last half century, and how much impact one person can have on the world Friedan admits regrets, explains aspects of her life and work that she thinks are often misunderstood, and throws in a good deal about her sex life including many affairs with married men to boot She s thoughtful but matter of fact, and unapologetic in that she knows she always did what she thought [...]

    1patstoll Stoll
    I loved reading this book, it made me remember the thrill of reading The Feminine Mystique many years ago Betty has guided my life, rest her soul This is a memoir, but deals with the same issues.

    Frederick Bingham
    Autobiography of Betty Friedan, one of the founders of the modern feminist movement I lightly skimmed parts of it It contains some juicy tidbits concerning an affair she carried out for 10 years with David Manning White, my uncle.

    Interesting inside story of the women s movement Took a while to finish though.

    Read for school

    A view at a truly phenomenal life written by the woman herself She is an inspiration.

    I didn t think I would like this book but I ended up loving it It s very inspirational and tells great stories about the time period in history.

    Jean Oram
    An amazing woman and an amazing life Who would have thought someone this strong and influential would be caught up in domestic violence

    Friedan s portrayal of casual and not so casual sexism is so relatable Her warm recounting of her life and ideas makes the whole issue less polarizing and radical Loved the writing.

    Zoe Nicholson
    opening days of NOW.

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    Life So Far: A Memoir