Free Read Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide - by Michelle Rowen Richelle Mead

  • Title: Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide
  • Author: Michelle Rowen Richelle Mead
  • ISBN: 9781595144515
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback

  • Free Read Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide - by Michelle Rowen Richelle Mead - Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide, Vampire Academy The Ultimate Guide Prepare to be Tested The story that kicked off the international bestselling Vampire Academy series is NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE Read it Before it Hits Theaters February th The official gui
    Michelle Rowen Richelle Mead
    National bestselling author MICHELLE ROWEN writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and young adult fantasy, both light and dark, sexy and sweet, long and short it all depends on the story She s won a Holt Medallion for Best First Book and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award for Vampire Romance For information, please visit Michelle at her website at michellerowen.


    ♔ Leah.
    This book is shit You fucking call this The Ultimate Guide , motherfucker please It s basically a written masturbatory piece over Rose Dimitri with shit that we already know about other fucking characters and tries to justify the cheating in the books by making them look all preshious and angelic Did I also mention how amazing Dimitri and Rose are And how awesome they are, soaking in eachother s awesomeness OMFGz 111It s so shit, it made my chemistry textbook look like porn _____________________ [...]

    Katie Q
    The first vampire book I have read was addicted to it but then got over it BUT THIS well let s just say when I saw they Richelle Mead was making an ultimate guide I instantly lusted for this book to be MINE Twilight was, is and never will be in the same level as Vampire Academy.

    I was disappointed to say the least and I LOVE vampire academy The book should be titled the ultimate vampire academy summary I think the book would be ideal for people who have read the first book of the series and are unsure about continuing the series But beware of spoilers because this book is a very precise recount of the vampire academy series like you get the entire vampire academy 6 book series compiled into 200 over pages which may not seem a lot but then you realize that the ultimate g [...]

    I never understand the need for guides when the fans have already read the books and know everything they need and want to know about their characters but then again I will probably buy it cause I am a fan and I want to have every single book in this series even though this is not actually a part of it It s just a way to make money out of a very popular series I know, they are not fooling me I m still buying it.

    Savannah (Books With Bite)
    Calling all FANS of Vampire Academy Do you think you know everything about Vampire Academy About Rose, Lissa, Dimitri We ll look no further than this guide It will give you insider information that you didn t know and NEED to know I love Vampire Academy The series itself is amazing written and the way the plot unfolds with each book only brings the reader closer the school then they can ever imagine I am a big and avid fan of Vampire Academy and even though the series has ended, this is a book I [...]

    It was so good to read about all of the characters I love and to be back in this worldI ll write a review later in the day

    I m not obsessed or anything I So far this was nothing but summaries I was actually hoping to find bonus scenes and such.

    Kind of pointless guide, tbh Most of it was summaries of the books and quizzes, but not fun quizzes.

    Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love MeIf you re a fan of the Vampire Academy series, this Ultimate Guide is a must have With book summaries, in depth character profiles, insights into the vampire world, an exclusive QA with Richelle Mead and so much , you ll easily lose yourself in the familiar memories you have of this fabulous series.The six book recaps take up about two thirds of the guide and are 30 pages long each, with Richelle Mead preceding each one with an explanation about he [...]

    To be honest, I expected a whole lot of this book I mean, Vampire Academy has to be my favorite series ever, so the guide HAS to be awesome, right Wrong, this book was so disappointing On the summary, it mentioned exclusive secrets and a lot of juicy stuff which it failed to deliver Throughout the beginning and middle, she just wrote a summary of all the books adding to about 200 pages No juicy stuff, just a brief summary Of course, if we re reading the guide, we already know all of this junk T [...]

    Tracy T.
    As an Ultimate Guide, this guide fell short The first 75% is an extremely in depth, chapter by chapter recap of all the books Now, if you re a fan of the Vampire Academy books, then chances are, you don t need the recap The last 25% are character profiles and some background about St Vladimir s and the Moroi Royal Court Personally, I would have loved to learn about the world of Vampire Academy.

    i actually regret buying this and wasting my money on this book when i could have gotten other books that are important books than this Its really just a run through of the vampire academy books Something i dont need after reading this series 9 times already its pretty amazing its literally engraved into my head by now and reading this crappy book is insulting Michelle Rowen cant translate period.

    Really, I m not finished, but I have read some of it not saying it s a bad book, just haven t felt like it, so I m going to say It s read My Review This is definitely the ultimate guide for the Vampire Academy series It has bios on the characters, passage quotes and Michelle Rowen s Interpretations This is a must read for all VA fans.

    Reading this was like reading a long list of reviews for The Vampire Academy Series It got boring because I already knew what happened in each book because I read them, but this is still a good book to have if you loved the series.

    Wanted the dirt Got a Spark Notes overview of the series instead with an unwanted Squee Mob slant that made me twitchy There are some writers I never want to hear talk about their creations for one reason or another and this author is one of them.

    I didn t read the entire book, because I know the story lines to each book I found it really good It made me want to read the entire VA series again


    Clare Holman-Hobbs
    It s good to revisit the series but I ended up wanting even from Mead and her process of writing.

    Nancy The book junkie
    If you re a fan of the Vampire Academy series, this Ultimate Guide is a must have With book summaries, in depth character profiles, insights into the vampire world, an exclusive QA with Richelle Mead and so much , you ll easily lose yourself in the familiar memories you have of this fabulous series.The six book recaps take up about two thirds of the guide and are 30 pages long each, with Richelle Mead preceding each one with an explanation about her ideas and thought processes while writing Mich [...]

    This is the first guide book that I have ever read for a book series, so I thought that it was only fitting that my first would be for my favourtie series, and I loved it The book re caps For a little bit over half of the book there are re caps of all of the six books which I thought was great as they are all condesed down into about 30 pages each and I found that the re cap for each of the books was quite in depth and didn t brush over any of the important parts in the books Another thing that [...]

    Jessica (a GREAT read)
    Okay, I ve had it on my TBR pile for over a month but finally read it, Vampire Academy The Ultimate Guide by Michelle Rowen with Richelle Mead, and it was great I ve only read one other world info type book and found it to be fun and so was this one To my knowledge, Michelle Rowen is doing most of the writing this time, but of course she has input from Richelle and there are a few QAs in the book with Richelle It was all very fun and fascinating I ve read all the books in the series, yet it s be [...]

    This book begs the question why was it published Oh right, for monetary gain Duh Beyond that I have absolutely no clue as to why this was printed Thankfully this was a library loan or I would be quite irritated.The book itself is mostly one large summary of the Vampire Academy series Each book is summarized with quotes thrown in there now and again As if the summary aspect was not bad enough it was written like a book report, a book report by a valley girl Like it was like so totallyaptastic The [...]

    Amy Jacobs
    If you are a fan of the Vampire Academy series, you probably think you know everything there is to know about them Even if you think you do, you still need to give the Ultimate Guide a chance because it will definitely surprise you with things you didn t know.I loved how it was broken down by each book in the series We get a small section from author Richelle Mead before each summary and she shares her thoughts on the writing process of each story We get to hear about her struggles, feelings, an [...]

    Sorry I can t give than 2 stars for this books because I was so disappointed Vampire Academy is my favorite YA series ever I m just obsessed by this series and I almost think about its character every day Yes i m crazy.So I was excited to read this guide based on the series It is said at the back of the book the must have addition to any vampire academy collection.And I disagree If you ve read the books you don t need this guide Most of the book until page 220 and there are 290 pages in the boo [...]

    I was so excited that I was able to revisit the world of the Vampire Academy series in this book A majority of this guide is dedicated to recapping what happened in each book of the series The second half goes on to provide readers with character profiles, some basic descriptions of various elements of the Vampire Academy series, and a quiz based on what you read Throughout the novel, QA sessions with Richelle Mead were inserted into the text, which provided an interesting, insiders look at the [...]

    Pyper at Reading Lark
    I really loved the Vampire Academy books, but this guide was a waste of time It was interesting reading the summaries and familiarizing myself with the series again it s been awhile since I read them , but there was nothing else The first 3 4 of the book is spent summarizing the 6 books The last 1 4 is spent talking about the characters their relationships, again summarizing everything we already knew I didn t learn anything new about any of the characters No creative backstories, no glimpses in [...]

    My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas in addition to Torment from the Fallen series, a Kindle Fire and Clockwork Prince He supports my reading habit how awesome is he

    Read in a day Lots of repetition most of the book is recapping each book in the series and no new info on the VA world Not what I was expecting and a bit of a let down.

    The Vampire Academy book series is one of my absolute favorites, so of course I wanted this book and thought it would be just as amazing as the books or AT LEAST contain NEW interesting information about the books, characters, and their world BUT, I have to disappoint others who might think the same, because this whole book is basically a RECAP of all of the books with a LITTLE info about the characters and their world And when you ve already read the books, all of it is pretty much info that y [...]

    At first I didn t really like the summaries of the books, but then after a couple, I realized that I liked that they were there and that they only focused on the most important things But they also made me realize how much I had forgotten I also liked that Richelle Mead wrote why she wrote the story book the way she did, before we got the summery of each book I also really liked that we got all the information about the powers, marks and all the other things gathered in a book to make it easier [...]

    • Free Read Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide - by Michelle Rowen Richelle Mead
      115 Michelle Rowen Richelle Mead
    Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide