Wishing on a Blue Star Best Read || [Kris Jacen Patric Michael Jaime Samms Jacqueline Lichtenberg Z.A. Maxfield C. Zampa Lex Valentine Karenna Colcroft]

  • Title: Wishing on a Blue Star
  • Author: Kris Jacen Patric Michael Jaime Samms Jacqueline Lichtenberg Z.A. Maxfield C. Zampa Lex Valentine Karenna Colcroft
  • ISBN: 9781615818822
  • Page: 214
  • Format: ebook

  • Wishing on a Blue Star Best Read || [Kris Jacen Patric Michael Jaime Samms Jacqueline Lichtenberg Z.A. Maxfield C. Zampa Lex Valentine Karenna Colcroft] - Wishing on a Blue Star, Wishing on a Blue Star A Special Project by Dreamspinner Press ManLoveRomance Press Edited by Kris Jacen How much impact can someone have on your life if you ve never met them face to face In this electronic age of E mails
    Kris Jacen Patric Michael Jaime Samms Jacqueline Lichtenberg Z.A. Maxfield C. Zampa Lex Valentine Karenna Colcroft
    Kris Jacen is the Executive Editor and Formatting Director for ManLoveRomance Press and its imprints She was invited to join the MLR staff in 2008 and has never looked back Working with over thirty five phenomenal authors such as Rick R Reed, JP Bowie, James Buchanan, J.L Langley, Ally Blue, Jet Mykles, William Maltese and has allowed her to both hone her editorial skills and indulge her inner fangirl Kris also acts as editor, mentor and sounding board for newcomers including Kimberly Gardner, Lex Valentine, S.J Frost, Patric Michael and Z Allora With this stable of talent under her guidance, Kris is quick to tell anyone who will listen that she loves her job And her authors are just as quick to say that they love their editor.

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    OverallThere is no way to rank this book, to judge it, to compare it to anything else There are stories, some of them funny, some of them heart breaking I m looking at you Amy Lane Between the stories or perhaps the stories are in between are blog posts following Patric Michael s experiences dealing with cancer and everything that goes with it This is a longer book as far as books in this genre go, and it took me a while to get through, one because I struggle with anthologies anyway, two because [...]

    Marsha Spence
    This review is just for Mary Calmes Linchpin Beautifully written and so poignant It s heartbreaking but still somehow filled with hope.

    Free on DSP 11 28 2017dreamspinnerpress boo

    I don t think I can even begin to explain how much this book touched me I hope all who read this book are as touched as I am.

    don t read unless prepared to tear up.

    Tamara (緑)
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    Just Being by Jamie SammsPatric Hates AIM by Jacqueline LichtenbergWhen Angels Fall by ZA MaxfieldSo If You re Sand, Not Rock by C ZampaIn the Light by Lex ValentineTechnical Terms by Patric MichaelWith this Flower by Karenna ColcroftThe Silver Shard by Tame AdamsIs a Prostate Worth Finding by Patric MichaelThe Lost Ones by Victor J BanisMushrooms by Brian HollidayThe Mentor by Jambrea Jo JonesLinchpin by Mary CalmesStupid Human Sex Tricks by Patric MichaelDragonfly by Jan IrvingA Tale of Three [...]

    I don t think I have ever read a touching book than this It s a book that I simultaneously couldn t put down, and couldn t continue reading, but in the end I read it all in one sitting I am not ashamed to admit that it reduced me to tears, and nearly so even than that once Past the typos and punctuation errors that are present not only in the blog entries, but also in the short stories, there is so much real ness that they seem to fade away This was a very intense read, and definitely worth al [...]

    I cried bucketsThis really left me an emotional mess I loved seeing how each person interpreted there thoughts on the subject and found Patric s way of seeing the world He didn t hide his anger or fears and also his joys I didn t see this book as inspirational but as someone who never gave up and learned I like how he questioned everything to understand what was going on, so many people just except Doctors as gods I see people with education in medicine, other see them as the answer and except a [...]

    Karin Wollina
    it isn t easy to rate this book The stories are all thoughtful and touching and I liked them very much.But the story that is told by the blog entries something special I am working in oncology for ages, with children and grown up patients and always tried to be as good and understanding a doctor as Patric s Doc is,I know how importantit is to take the patient seriously And I really never knew how much the Fatigue is impairing in the day to day live.I will give the book to friends of mine to read [...]

    I wish that I had found and read this book sooner, as unfortunately Mr Michael died last month I also wish that I could explain how much this compilation touched me The stories and tributes were beautiful, but Patric s blog entries were my undoing He made me laugh, cry and alternately want to cheer for rage at the various people in his life I will try my best not to look away Mr Michael, and always share a smile.The bleakness that his absence will bring will surely be far exceeded by shine left [...]

    I don t want to assign stars here the work should be beyond rating, because it s a true journey that Patric Michael allowed us to take with him, and it s painful, uplifting, and his Punctuated with stories from other authors, this is a good reminder of our humanity and fragility,and it s still making me cry to think about, days later, but in a good way.

    i read a few short stories before school i couldn t sleep and i was crying really crying with like snot and everythingt a good way to start a school day you know how that kind of crying can give you headaches sigh so terribly sadill in process of reading though its a great read

    There just are not any words for how this book touched me.

    Simply the most powerful collection I have ever read I cried myself stupid, I admit it An absolute must read.

    I really enjoyed reading Patric s blog posts I ve always liked biographies, so personal stories captivate me What a journey of strength.

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    I was impressed with this outpouring of words in memory of Patric Michael My favorite selection is So If You re Sand, Not Rock I cry every time I read it.

    downloaded free on ARE

    • Wishing on a Blue Star Best Read || [Kris Jacen Patric Michael Jaime Samms Jacqueline Lichtenberg Z.A. Maxfield C. Zampa Lex Valentine Karenna Colcroft]
      214 Kris Jacen Patric Michael Jaime Samms Jacqueline Lichtenberg Z.A. Maxfield C. Zampa Lex Valentine Karenna Colcroft
    Wishing on a Blue Star