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  • Title: Waves of Infinity
  • Author: Mark Alders
  • ISBN: 9781554877799
  • Page: 288
  • Format: ebook

  • Julian Cavanaugh is the captain and co inventor of the energy wave surfing ship, known as the Infinity This is its maiden voyage, and along with his husband, an alien named C tosh, he is in for the ride of his life Not only are there government suits on board, wanting to cause trouble, but instead of good old fashioned army lads, the ship is populated with scientists OhJulian Cavanaugh is the captain and co inventor of the energy wave surfing ship, known as the Infinity This is its maiden voyage, and along with his husband, an alien named C tosh, he is in for the ride of his life Not only are there government suits on board, wanting to cause trouble, but instead of good old fashioned army lads, the ship is populated with scientists Oh, Julian s day is going to get worse as the engines fire and the ship careens out of the solar system toward Vega Prime.Then the unthinkable happens The ship goes beyond all expectations and cruises at speeds the computer can t even register With C tosh in a panic, how will Julian get back home to Earth without resorting to shooting the government suits who insist his parentage is less than desirable To make matters worse, stopping at such a speed will cause a lot of worry If they aren t blown to bits, that is.
    Mark Alders
    I live in Melbourne, Victoria, in the land of Oz According to my own Teenage mis adventures, I am just an ordinary guy with a penis which likes to get me into trouble a lot I ve seduced trees, copulated with watermelons, and had nice old ladies pick ants off my naked body Yep, that s me Mark Alders All round nice guy and with my brain firmly in my pants, exactly where it belongs So what about the here and now Well, I am a mild, mannered post office worker by day I have a mortgage to pay and a partner named Lee who I have been with for cough twenty one years cough At night, my muse, the bitch, forces me into bondage and makes me sit at my computer and type out stories about men having sex with each other all the time over and over in varying degrees of WTF, too I mean, I have stories out there about alien spiders needing humans to nourish their eggs, red skinned aliens whose balls glow when they are sexually excited, beings who cock dock with their victims to drain them of their life force, and a young man who discovers puberty is just the start of his problems as he comes into magolescence on his eighteenth birthday and his penis turns into a snake Ah, the life of a story teller The fun never ends.

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    Nancy L
    This story was unique, creative, fast paced and full of action!! I loved the "intelligent life" different and how the crew figured out what they were capable of. Just trying to survive in an alien environment was spellbinding! Who would have thought of tree pods??Glowing red alien ball are HOT HOT HOT. C'tosh was a clear-headed intelligent man who seemed to balance out the hot headedness of his husband without being a nagging partner. Like most great partnerships they communicate without words.I [...]

    So enjoyed another read from Mark Alders. Love the world he came up for this one. Really loved the character Julian. I've met some guys kind of like him:) C'tosh was a really different character. When I started the read I expected him to be a lot tougher. Though he was tough he was a real sweetie. As I've come to expect from a read from Mark, the twists and turns always catch me off guard. So much fun to read:)

    Lexi Ander
    THIS is what I was looking for back in July of last year when I stumbled across the Pembroke series. I fell in love with the Pembroke crew but still searched for an m/m sci-fi story that included all of the things that I was looking for. Vivid imagery, great characters, great plot, add in some humor to the seriousness of the situation, alien worlds and life forms, action, suspense, and wicked unlikeable nemesis…in my book all the ingredients of a fantastic adventure.Captain Julian Cavanaugh an [...]

    This was a book that was pretty much half action and half sex. Considering how much Julian thinks about sex it is a wonder he gets anything else done :)I liked the idea of the story and although there is quite a lot of horrible things going on and some blood and gore it isn´t very graphic at all. I like the alien world and the monsters are great.Even though it is a good action packed story what captured me more were the three main charactersn and their interactions. C´tosh was definitely my fa [...]

    MsMiz (Tina)
    3.5 - I always love Mark Alders stories. Crazy fall in love with characters in a quick moving sci-fi adventure. Who could not love toppy Julian and love of his life C'Tosh as they set out for their great space adventure. When things go wrong, the two of them work to save the crew and also save the lost soul of Jonah who helps them in their endeavor and also becomes more to this lovely pair. Thanks again for the fun ride Mark.

    Once again I enjoyed another one from Mark Alders. Another one of his books that had me on the edge of my seat the whole book. Of course he had a bunch of creepy things in this book. The things he comes up with wow. Great great read!!

    T.W. Spencer
    At Location 451-59 of 3956 on my Kindle, so far not very impressed, kind of torturous actually, but I will finish the book.No, I can't take it anymore.

    Freaky & funny hot fantasy

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Waves of Infinity : by Mark Alders ↠
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