☆ The Doors: The Illustrated History ☆ Danny Sugerman

  • Title: The Doors: The Illustrated History
  • Author: Danny Sugerman
  • ISBN: 9780688013639
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback

  • ☆ The Doors: The Illustrated History ☆ Danny Sugerman - The Doors: The Illustrated History, The Doors The Illustrated History This book consists of magazine and newspaper articles interviews record reviews excerpts from books and other material related to the history of The Doors to whose memory it is dedicated This boo
    Danny Sugerman
    Daniel Stephen Sugerman aka Danny was the second manager of the Los Angeles based rock band The Doors, and wrote several books about Jim Morrison and The Doors.


    A collection of photographs, articles and interviews which serve to decsribe the rise and fall of Jim Morrison and the Doors One comment struck home particularly poignantly, to the effect that the Doors pais their dues after they were successful I think this is probably true Morrison could not resist taking a stick and poking at the snake the snake that is Amerika s hypocrisy and he paid the priceStill the music was great, and the lyrics stuck in the memory for long time after the Circus had rol [...]

    What an easy job Danny Sugerman had simply compiling photographs and articles from his scrapbook of The Doors The quality of the photographs is excellent I recognized quite a few from the concert program they sold in 1968 There s also tons of clippings from Eye Magazine, William Randolph Hearst s cashing in on the hippie scene magazine from the late Sixties , Teenset Magazine, and Crawdaddy Mag It s funny seeing a wild rock band wearing collared dress shirts.

    Nasrudin muhammad
    Buku ini menarik, dengan pengisahan yang lancar Buku yang ditulis beberapa tahun semenjak kematian misterius Jim ini mencoba menghidupkan kembali kenakalan dan keseriusan Jim Penelusuran penulis selama beberapa tahun ini tidak sia sia Hanya saja, karena keterlibatan seorang dekat Jim yang menjadi co author buku ini, para pembaca akan segera mengambil jarak dari tuturan buku Namun demikian, di atas semua itu, buku ini layak dibaca.

    Joe Reto
    The public s outcry against the Doors was a sign of the times in the late 60s and early 70s Morrison became a scapegoat because of the sometimes outrageous comments made on stage and the false accusations made against him The book is very good as it takes you inside the Doors and how difficult the band s union was because of the distrations from the public and having Jim Morrison as a member of the band.

    The Doors The Illustrated History by Danny Sugerman 1988

    Dear god, did I ever pore over this thing once upon a time like it was the damned Rosetta Stone

    Definitely a must for the Morrison junkie

    Pamela Hovanec
    this book is wonderful,, brought me back some years, but i loved it all those days are days never to be re written or do overs see you on the other side pmh

    Damon Isherwood
    Wouldn t want to live the life, but have to admit to some vicarious enjoyment reading about it.

    Linda Sliz
    He was definitely a man that walked to the beat of a different drummerd and so talented

    • ☆ The Doors: The Illustrated History ☆ Danny Sugerman
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    The Doors: The Illustrated History